Going on vacation allows you to relax and unwind and have a really good time in You can relax without thinking about any worries that you may have.″


My family really enjoys eating butter beans for lunch and dinner near and Patricia B.. They are really really good with butter.

New Truck

I’m in the market for a new car and I’m trying to decide on the right one.  I’m doing some looking and shopping online and it’s pretty difficult to decide if I want something newer or a used vehicle.  As far as my budget goes, I’m in the market for a low end low cost truck, or something higher end that’s used.  I’ve got a lot of decisions to make really.  My current vehicle gets me to my job at pizza hut and back and to my easy scholarships to apply for group and grocery shopping and all but it seems that I’ve put into it more than its worth.  I just don’t want to make that same mistake again.  Any suggestions would help.  On to truck shopping.


It’s finally getting cooler outside and it’s great for a nice change. It’s normally quite humid where we are and the heat can feel so hot, like you cannot breathe at times. It makes it very uncomfortable to do anything, including even going for a short walk. You can walk maybe a quarter of a mile and need to hurry to get back inside from sheer exhaustion and need a nice cold drink. It’s refreshing to see it getting cooler.

Not so cool…

Hair Tie

Whoever came up with the hair tie, I’d like to personally say thank you. What a fabulous invention. I don’t know what I would do without my hair ties. I have always had long hair and want to keep it that way. I think the only way to stay sane in the heat with longer hair is to wear my hair up in a hair tie during the hot summer months. It helps with other things also, I like to put my hair up when I’m putting on makeup, or going to the gym or going to a merit based scholarships course, or whatever it is you do. It’s just much easier and more convenient.


You can make sandwiches in so many different ways. I learned a new way from my friend who has been eating this particular sandwiches to help him lose weight. Does it work? Well, I’ve been doing it for about two months now and I’ve lost over 10 lbs. I haven’t changed the rest of my diet, but for lunch, I have a tomato sandwich, with about 2-3 slices of tomato, depending on the thickness of the slices. Then, I usually add just one piece of lunch meat for added flavor, add a dash of pepper and a slice of cheese. I can attest that it works, I’m not sure how but I’ve lost the weight so maybe you can too.

If I could lose consolidation loans for bad credit, or my electric bill like i’ve lost weight, I’d be great.

New Place

I am feeling so blessed to have a pool at our new place. It’s the little things that make me happy. Like when I won $50 on my paper about how to get scholarships, or a new pool, or a new puppy.  My parents and I were living in a nice complex before this one, the issue was, there was just too many rowdy kids at the pool and the other two pools that they had were always closed for repairs. I am thinking people may have just been abusing them at night and leaving trash in them which may have clogged the filters. The type of pool we have at our new place is what they call a zero entry pool which is pretty neat. It’s just like going into the water at the beach, there are no stairs to go down, you just gradually go deeper and deeper into the pool. The deepest point of the pool is only 5 ½ feet so you can breathe anywhere you stand, and it’s heated. A definite must have type of pool when I buy my first house.

Home School

I am so very grateful for my sons home school. I wish they had more online courses like this for consolidating credit card debt, but, one thing at a time.  I have an older son as well and since I was a single parent when I was raising him, I wasn’t able to be home with him when he was younger like I would have liked. Also, they didn’t have the programs like they have now. It’s amazing the things they can accomplish online now with the home schools. They have live lessons, they give the children an opportunity to join different clubs like the chess club, math club, and many others. It is really cool. They also have field trips where the home school children can meet and hang out together. I am feeling very lucky that we can keep him home and be his only influence while he’s young.

Discount Stores

You can get so many things at the dollar store that are way better priced than regular stores. We just bought a friend of ours some puppy stuff as they just welcomed a new puppy home. We went looking around at the normal local pet store, then to the local discount store, and finally the local dollar store. We were shocked! We were able to buy a harness, leash, brush, shampoo, toys, dog dishes, etc and only spend around $10. I wish learning how to get a scholarship was so inexpensive, but I’ll take the discount for whatever I can.  So, this would have definitely cost us around $50 I’m sure of it even at the local discount store. Dollar stores are getting in much better items that are actually good quality, more so than years ago.

Speak Up

I’m not sure about everyone else but I am not good at lip reading.  I don’t really see how people think others can read lips.  We went to the local cable company today to exchange our modem as the lightening stuck our building and fried the modem.  We were standing in line after we took a number, it looked as though there were about 50 other people waiting.  This guy that works there came out and he’s eye balling certain people and lip speaking something that we have no idea what he’s trying to say.  It was quite funny, everyone was just looking around at each other like, is this person crazy.  Not just wacky like wacky scholarships, this just seemed down right nuts.  Come to find out, he was just trying to see if there was anyone there that just needed to trade out a remote control.  Who knew?  Speak up.

Good times

My debt consolidation loans for bad credit have been approved.  On top of that great news, my family is coming into town today.  We are all going out to dinner on the beach.  I love the beach, the cool air, the smell of the ocean, the soft sand between your toes, what is there not to like?  I think we are going to a restaurant that is on the beach, if it’s the one I’m thinking of, they have the best grouper sandwiches around.  The grouper is so soft and tender, it melts in your mouth, and they blacken it with the best Cajun seasoning I’ve had in a very long time.  I cannot wait.

Candy Maker

Candy-making is so very much fun, I made some candy today with my daughter.  The best part, we can’t wait to eat it!  I’ve been watching several shows on candy making, here are some that I like.  It is not as difficult as you would think.  Candy-making on a larger scale is pretty incredible, I didn’t realize all that was put into it!  parIf only my quick scholarships writing was as easy as candy making.  I’m very proud of my degree and am very grateful for my scholarship.  Maybe I’ll do some candy making on the side?  Who knows!


Does anyone else think that having more than a few cats is just a little strange?  I find myself curiously amused by shows that portray people in these types of situations where they are “hoarding” one thing or another.  My favorite part is when they’ve cleaned everything up and have their house back to normal, looking decent.  So, I was watching this while trying to obtain no essay scholarships online when I came across a show like this, but about cats.  Very strange, I’m not certain how things get that bad for someone, but I’m sure they have had good intentions?  I would like to hope so.  I just don’t understand how they can not see the mess they are in.


Does anyone have proper etiquette anymore?  I don’t think anyone is raised with any manners, or maybe I just live in the wrong place, and it just seems that way, I would like to think the latter is true.  I was in an office, attempting to get a debt consolidation loans for bad credit, I was in line waiting for my turn.  I was minding my own business, just answering some emails on my phone, when someone, that wasn’t paying attention, bumped into me, almost knocking me to the floor.  The usual proper etiquette response would be, “excuse me, or pardon me”, however, this person gave me a dirty look and didn’t say anything!!  Wow….that’s all I have to say…

Chocolate Lover

I absolutely LOVE chocolate, not to sound cliche, but it’s true!  You would not imagine how many varieties are out there, until you did some searching.  So, I’m helping a friend get an easy scholarships, and in my midst of searching, I came across some interesting varieties of the lovely confection.  I just wish my body would agree with my brains love for the treat!  I don’t get to eat it as much as I’d like since the sugar gets me a little too hyper, lol.  I know this may sound silly but one of my all time favs are Reece’s Cups……mmmmm, I can taste the peanut butter and chocolate already.  Oh well, what do you do?  I suppose you just go surfing the web and get your fix visually!

Get Inspired

I like to get inspired to write by taking a long drive to the beach and look at all that nature has to show off.  It helps me to clear my mind and get away from my filling out applications to obtain no essay scholarships.  It’s really cool seeing all of the seabirds flying around, doing dive bombs in the water to catch food.  I especially like seeing all of the beautiful colors that the sky gives off when the sun goes down.  There are many things that I see on a daily basis that inspire me, just open your eyes, and look around.  You might just find many inspirationalthings yourself.

How To Interact With Others Easily

Want to impress someone with your words? Well for people like you and others, there are some easy steps to follow. The first step in awareness of your interaction with others. This is in fact the most important step. In order to strike a good conversation with someone you must know which situations make you uncomfortable. This will help you modify your behavior to achieve a positive result. It is the one of the critical steps in communication skill. If you really want to deal with unfavorable situations you must learn to be aware of the behaviors in others that make you react in negative way. Once you master this skill you are bound to develop good communication skills to impress people. In fact, impressing people is the key for many who apply for scholarships for women over 40 when they are trying to go back to school.

The next most important thing is to accept your fault. You must accept responsibility of your own behavior smartly and apologize whenever necessary for judgement errors or errors in action. Along with these tips, you can also ask others about their feedback on your communication skill. This will help you point out the mistakes and will give you chance to improve. The last important thing is to be a good listener. You can never develop good communication skills unless you be a good listener. Always fight the urge to respond immediately and listen to what the speaker has to say.

Social Media

When you go through different social media platforms, it’s amazing to see how many people seem to enjoy taking photos of themselves. It has been very prevalent to the point that the word “selfie” was actually coined. You would see the same face in different angles and in different expressions. Sometimes, this can really be annoying, especially when your news feed is filled by nothing but faces.

Also, there are several studies which already show that this kind of behavior is actually an indication that a person has unaddressed personal issues. It is said that people do selfie photos to give assurance to themselves, to feel appreciated and loved, and to simply boost their confidence. It is rather sad to see that more and more people experience self-worth only through computers and that their personal interactions are getting lost. But then again, almost everything we do now is through the internet. take a look at this Prlog press release about America, or this one from GoArticles.

It is crazy to think how much we now depending on social media and other types of platforms to help us on a daily basis. Read this press release from Ethical Corp about what is happening. It’s crazy.

Taking a photo of yourself and then posting it on social media is alright if you just do it from time to time. However, if it’s way too often, as in each time you move or do something, there obviously is something wrong. A trip to the psychologist may be worth considering.

My Passion?

That phrase is so demeaning. No. Not to me. Not to those who can afford to ‘follow their passion’. But to those who do menial jobs bringing order in our day to day life. The cleaner. That waitress. The pizza delivery boy.

I can enjoy my job only if I try to pursue it in a field where my heart longs. If I do so I will cease to look for happiness in the outer world. Also, the universe will transpire to make me successful. Suddenly my life will change drastically. Gosh how amazingly tempting this passion thing is, isn’t it? I have now started hating articles that tell me to follow my passion.

Why cannot I enjoy my current job and do it with passion? Why do I need to hunt for that innate talent and a perfect setup to define a purpose for my life?

I would rather like to believe that there isn’t the Holy Grail waiting for me. I already know so many things that I like doing. I don’t know what is more fulfilling, but I will experiment, explore and enjoy this journey of crafting my destiny or so-called ‘passion’. And, I hate ‘follow your passion’ also for terribly discounting the efforts put in by people pursuing menial jobs. They can be regarded as a part of the universe not adding any value according to this catchphrase. From now on, I will rather drive inspiration from the outcomes I expect. Its kind of like trying to get left handed scholarships when you know you can qualify for a athletic scholarship.

MY Boxer


My next dog I want is a Lab!

Anyone who has ever owned a Boxer knows that they are silly, hyper and loyal. I have always owned at least one Boxer and I think my life is better for it. My boxer is 9 years old and his name is Ollie. I have always had female Boxers before Ollie but it seems that the male Boxer is more docile and not as hyper as the females.

Here is a great FB page for boxers owners too.

He still jumps around the apartment when I get home wiggling his butt and then when I sit down he is right next to me with his head on my shoulder. Even on my worst days when Ollie greats me I cannot help but smile and give him hugs. Now that he is starting to grey around his muzzle, I am reminded that at some point I am going to have to walk through that door without him on the other side. For now I will treasure every bark, every wiggle and every puppy hug I can get. Too bad I can’t get weird scholarships showing a pic of me and my dog jumping over a puddle.

A Look Back, But Not TBT!

As a child,i always loved Sundays because that was when my mother made us special mouthwatering delicacies.Homemade sweets,cake muffins,biscuits,and pies were some of the treats my little brother and i enjoyed.The amazng thing was that we were never obese or fat.All these treats were full of healthy nutrients.
On one particular Sunday, my mother was not well and she could not perform her Sunday routine.We were sad but then i had a bright idea.Why not surprise our mum this time round by making her something special? We were confident that we knew how to bake considering the countless times we watched her in the kitchen.
So there we were,ready to prove ourselves masters in the kitchen.Little did we know everything would end up backfiring.The task was to make our mum pancakes.Mixing up the ingredients was a messy affair and baking them was even messier.The result was a porridge like pudding.In the end my mother’s laugh on seeing our predicament made us feel good because we knew she would be better.

Road Trip!

Yesterday my family and I went on a trip to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, Ontario. This is a newer aquarium that was just opened last summer. I had heard many great things about the aquarium and have wanted to go there for awhile, so I was very excited to finally be able to check it out!

The aquarium is conveniently located in downtown Toronto, close to the CN Tower and other popular tourist attractions which makes it easy to find parking nearby. The tickets weren’t cheap at around $30 for an adult (and they classify 14 and older as an adult!), and $10 for 3-5yr old and $20 for 6-13yr old. For a family of 4 (depending on the ages of your kids) a visit to the aquarium could cost you around $100 – yikes! Even though it’s a little on the expensive side, I think the money we paid was worth it, this is a place that everyone should experience. Here is the address of Toronto’s paper:

The aquarium is absolutely breathtaking! They feature a huge variety of fish from sharks to jellyfish to seahorses to almost any kind of fish you could think of. Of all the things we saw there I think my favorite were the sea turtles. At the end of the day we were sad to leave the aquarium and all the beautiful creatures there, but I think we will definitely plan another visit in the future!

I also love the fact that this place is not only entertaining but it is very educational as well and a popular destination for school field trips. You can even arrange a sleepover at the aquarium where you sleep in the area where they have the sharks – how cool is that?!

I am also looking to get into a counseling class for marriage soon. I am pretty excited. Hopefully, it will not be too difficult to work with, like I would have to deal with stuff like this or something. I would hope for the best.


For those who plan on traveling to the UK at any time. It will be important to make your reservations early. The UK is a wonderful place to visit and we know you will have lots of fun there.

While travel seems to be popular in the UK, unsecured debt consolidation loans bad credit seems to be popular here for some


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